Stray Dog Designs

I recently received an email from Stray Dog Designs celebrating their 21st birthday. I remember working with them when they first started. This goes back to 1995, whenI worked for a catalog company called Sugar Hill, and we attended multiple design shows across the United States and overseas annually. I met Billy Pritchard the year they opened. They still carry some of their original products as well as many new, innovative, fresh designs.
The products that they carry are just my style! Whimsical and fun.
Their handcrafted lighting; furniture and home décor is something you need to see for yourself!
I love reading their blog, which talks about their travel that inspires their designs and creations right out of their workshop in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, and the fun they have along the way.

Over the years I have bought several pieces for design projects but finally one for me – in my office. Now, I get to enjoy it every day, and yes its my favorite color, pink!

My office was designed to be chic and bright a mix of modern and welcoming. In my office, I have a big Stray Dog Designs chandelier, the Celeste Sphere, that is definitely a conversation starter and adds some dazzle to the space. Stray Dog is a collaboration between talented artisans and designer Jane Gray. They use recycled materials and low VOC (volatile organic compound) finishes, which makes them harsh-chemical free!!

I have also purchased the Paulina Otomi pendant for W Storage. W Storage is an energetic and modern self-storage facility. Marketing and Design with Color didn’t just want to develop the usual, boring, storage facility…We jumped all in!! We believe that color changes everything, and with that thought in mind, we designed and developed a state-of-the-art high design lounge, where you can take a break, sit, relax, and surround yourself by all things beautiful and fun!! Stop by and see Johnathan Adler , Emporium Home and of course, Stray Dog Designs!! Click here to read our post about W Storage!

Paulina Otomi Pendant at Woodruff Storage

My home office has the hot pink Drum Pendant, the perfect peppy touch making working at home FUN!

Photo via: StrayDogDesigns


I am so proud of this team and what they have accomplished through the years. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next and which will be the next piece we will use in future design jobs! Let us do the hunting for you and bring a pop of color, style, and razzle-dazzle toyour space! Hire us, Marketing and Design with Color!




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Chutes & Ladders

I recently found this quote written by a friend of mine and it made me happy! “Columbus, GA based duo, Lucy and Bruce Jones, friends in work and life, have quietly worked on a portfolio of candy colored projects with electric palettes and elements of surprise around every corner.  It all adds up, layer upon layer equals brilliant!”

In the words of my husband, Bruce: “Lucy saw that Google had a slide inside their building, so we had to have a slide in ours.”

Interior Design by Leigh Olive Mowry of Olive Interiors

Let me tell you about this slide!! When the hair brained idea entered my mind, we already had the stairs built inside The Mill, which is the clubhouse at Swallowtail Flats Apartments at Old Town in Columbus, GA, a Southern Living Inspired Community designed by Historical Concepts.

Bruce Jones and the Woodruff Development team were well into construction, so they had to stop the construction, take out the entire staircase and redesign to make this dream a reality!! I thought it was fun, they thought it was crazy, but again, we are in the “YES” business!!

We found a stainless steel slide manufacturer from Oregon, Natural Structures, creative innovations since 1976, (funny fact: the blow pop was created at about the same time). Then, we had to make sure code would allow an apartment complex to have an interior slide, and had architects to redraw. This was our way for Old Town to show its personality, express the fun to come and inspire others with an adrenaline rush!!

My favorite part was picking the color of the slide. I knew exactly which color I wanted: Charms Blow Pop red, an American classic, with just the right amount of sparkle. It was all about high shine & modern metallic!

The slide company sent their color samples our way and we looked at them in all forms of light for about two weeks. It just HAD to be the right shade of red, and it also needed some glitter and sparkle! It ended up being a 100% custom-made color, just for us!! The natural light that enters The Mill makes it sparkle and shine!


Interior Design by Leigh Olive Mowry of Olive Interiors

The slide was transported across the country to Columbus, GA from Baker City, OR, immediately installed, and there it was; the highlight of The Mill!! A wild vision turned into reality!!


We wanted to create the most unique experience ever in an apartment clubhouse, and I can say, mission accomplished!!

Interior Design by Leigh Olive Mowry of Olive Interiors


Hire us today for unique and creative ideas to transform your space!




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Lowcountry Originals

Let me tell you about a favorite vendor of ours— Lowcountry Originals!  I love their story! Lowcountry Originals sprang up during the recession for the need to do something unique and different. It was the creation of Becky Brackett, Lighting Specialist, and Libby Boyden, Interior Designer.

They wanted to come up with light fixtures that did not look like they came off an assembly line. Thus, Lowcountry Originals was born in 2008. All of the work is custom and handcrafted from the first pencil sketch from Lowcountry Originals passed on for production to their artisan metal-smiths out of Savannah, GA. “The Lowcountry” encompasses the area from the northern beaches of Charleston, South Carolina to the southern islands of Georgia. Natural materials used for these unique pieces are oyster shells, reeds, metals in brass, quartz crystals, steel and copper and driftwood. The candle sleeves are made of natural beeswax, copper and steel. The finishes are created specifically for Lowcountry and are inspired by the beautiful earth tones from mother nature!

Check out our oyster shell lighting handcrafted straight from the lowcountry.  Charming Southern Ladies!!!  Lowcountry Originals are featured at Lullwater Apartments above the outside cooking space, the perfect spot for grilling! 



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Tommy Crow

My favorite place on Earth is 30A. I love the beach! Luckily, I have visitied many beaches in the United States and the world, but nothing beats this spot.

My 30A sticker stash!

My 30A sticker stash! I used them to make wallpaper for the girls’ lockers!!

During one of our visits to 30A, I went into the Tommy Crow studio, shortly after he opened in Rosemary Beach. As a collector and lover of butterflies, his butterfly photo on canvas immediately spoke to me. I knew I had to have it! However, I just wasn’t sure where it would go.

Image source: http://fineart.tommycrow.com/butterflies/

Source: http://fineart.tommycrow.com/butterflies/

Several years later working on a project, I knew I had the perfect spot for this incredible piece of art. The mascot of the property where I decided to use this piece, Swallowtail Flats Apartments at Old Town, in Columbus, GA, a Southern Living Inspired Community, happened to be a swallowtail butterfly. We chose the swallowtail butterfly, because it is the state butterfly of Georgia! Did you know that? If not, we all learn something every day!!


Tommy Crow produces large format fine art photography and collaborates with designers on custom photo artwork, which is what we acquired for the Mill at Swallowtail Flats. In our case, it happened to be a perfect match, since we were able to tie in the logo to the picture and wrap it up as part of the brand, which is where the magic happened!!

We have invited Tommy to stop by several times, but he hasn’t been able to come by yet, but one day!!

At Marketing and Design with color we believe that creating a brand is not only about the aesthetics but about relaying a message delivered in a subtle, fun and engaging way!

I cannot wait to tell you more about our butterfly benches, butterfly logo, and all things Swallowtail Flats!!

Hire us today to make the most of the art you already own!




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Polar T

Several years ago we traveled to Birmingham, AL for a SouthernLiving conference. We visited the trendy Homewood area. We ran into an old friend, Delia Postell who is a sales rep for #omgreps, in Habitation, a small shop, that drew me in because they had a dynamic red chair on the sidewalk on sale!! Usually, I like the things most don’t dare to buy. It looked like an antique chair you’d find at Scott’s Antique Mall in Atlanta, GA but it was outdoor furniture!! I had to find out the maker. The shop owner, Bill Aroosian, shared with me a PolarT catalog. A few weeks later I visited their showroom in Atlanta, GA.
Love at first sight!

Love at first sight!

We were in Birmingham recently to meet property management clients and we stayed at the new Grand Bohemian Hotel, Kessler Collection. The exterior bar/lounge space is full of color, rich, funky, exciting furniture! I couldn’t get enough.


I couldn’t get enough of these neon planters!

Back to Polar T... their furniture is a mix of modern with an old timey twist.  They are replicas of antiques showcasing fun, bright colors. I had to go outside to sit there and simply enjoy the outdoors in this living space that was designed to deliver the wow factor. Side note: if you are the designer of that space, go ahead and contact me, I hope we meet one day— I’m sure we would hit it off!! The led cube lights top it off!

Polar T is a company founded in Mexico, that delivers a Victorian style furniture, designed in a way that is relevant and alive to the world. It is simply fantastic, odd, daring, classic, beautiful, and certainly never dull— a perfect fit for our style!!

Delivering the wow factor is something that I believe in and our team achieves in every project we undertake.

No matter if it is design, re-design, marketing, or developing, it will be set to surpass expectations regardless of your budget!

So comfy!

So comfy!

Check out our chairs at Swallowtailflats Apartments at OldTown, a jolt of yellow adds an instant burst of sunshine, a happy hue, in one of our pocket parks!

Sitting at Ms. Vee's Park

Sitting at Mrs. Vee’s Park


Contact us today for fun ways to incorporate these amazing pieces today in your space!



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Great lighting adds dazzle to every room! 
 Light can transform a dull room to a bright, open, fun space.  

One of my personal favorites used recently in a design job is the handcrafted blown glass chandelier from Fusion Art Glass in SeasideFlorida featured at Lullwater Apartments in Columbus, GA. Lullwater is known for its high-end interior design and exciting light fixtures found throughout the clubhouse.  This light is a sculpture, an incredible piece of art, that had to be installed piece by piece!! Thank goodness for the patience from Paul with Alexander Electric because not only did he have to put it together twice (150 pieces!!!), but because I decided to move it to a different location so it would hang front and center!  I love this fixture because of the radiance it has, the way the light transfers through it, the texture and amazing style!!

Wash your clothes in style! Fun neon sign designed by Lucy Jones. Photo by John David Helms, www.johndavidhelms.com

Wash your clothes in style! Fun neon sign designed by Lucy Jones and David Kaplan – Denyse Signs. Photo by John David Helms, www.johndavidhelms.com

Marketing and Design with Color makes sure every detail is taken care of by partnering with various designers to create fun and spirited sales offices, clubhouses, pool lounges, you name it!  Call for a proposal today!! 

These amazing Swarovski crystals were such a fun find!! Purchased in Destin, Florida at The Fixture Exchange! It looks like they’re swimming in the air. Designed by #Nulco

Lullwater Apartments in Columbus, GA. Photo by John David Helms, www.johndavidhelms.com

Lullwater Apartments in Columbus, GA. Photo by John David Helms, www.johndavidhelms.com

The lights at Old Town, Town Hall, the Southern Living Inspired Community of the Year, in Columbus, GA are hand crafted by Eloise Pickard. They were hand picked in a collaboration between Chenault James and Woodruff Development Company!!

Lights by Eloise. We love to design with her, Eloise makes it a breeze!! Photo by Suzanne Jones

Photo credit: Eliza Morrill

Photo credit: Eliza Morrill

Such fun picking every color of the rainbow at LakesideVillage with my better half! #DreamTeam ! We are ALL about color!!

Lights by Barnlight Electric

Lights by Barnlight Electric. Photo credit: Nathan Leduc

Lowcountry Originals are one of our favorites! We love how the glow of their light fixtures creates a spectacular ambiance. Click here to read our full post about this great brand!!

The Mill at Swallowtail Flats at Old Town features light fixtures by Lowcountry Originals

The Old Time Pendant by LCO – Click here

Look at this amazing glow!!!

Pool at Swallowtail Flats at Old Town

Lighting by Lowcountry Originals

A quick closeup to one of my personal favorites… The Gas Replica Sconce!  I took this picture for y’all!

The Mill at Old Town

Call today if you need assistance selecting light fixtures!!