Several years ago we traveled to Birmingham, AL for a SouthernLiving conference. We visited the trendy Homewood area. We ran into an old friend, Delia Postell who is a sales rep for #omgreps, in Habitation, a small shop, that drew me in because they had a dynamic red chair on the sidewalk on sale!! Usually, I like the things most don’t dare to buy. It looked like an antique chair you’d find at Scott’s Antique Mall in Atlanta, GA but it was outdoor furniture!! I had to find out the maker. The shop owner, Bill Aroosian, shared with me a PolarT catalog. A few weeks later I visited their showroom in Atlanta, GA.
Love at first sight!

Love at first sight!

We were in Birmingham recently to meet property management clients and we stayed at the new Grand Bohemian Hotel, Kessler Collection. The exterior bar/lounge space is full of color, rich, funky, exciting furniture! I couldn’t get enough.


I couldn’t get enough of these neon planters!

Back to Polar T... their furniture is a mix of modern with an old timey twist.  They are replicas of antiques showcasing fun, bright colors. I had to go outside to sit there and simply enjoy the outdoors in this living space that was designed to deliver the wow factor. Side note: if you are the designer of that space, go ahead and contact me, I hope we meet one day— I’m sure we would hit it off!! The led cube lights top it off!

Polar T is a company founded in Mexico, that delivers a Victorian style furniture, designed in a way that is relevant and alive to the world. It is simply fantastic, odd, daring, classic, beautiful, and certainly never dull— a perfect fit for our style!!

Delivering the wow factor is something that I believe in and our team achieves in every project we undertake.

No matter if it is design, re-design, marketing, or developing, it will be set to surpass expectations regardless of your budget!

So comfy!

So comfy!

Check out our chairs at Swallowtailflats Apartments at OldTown, a jolt of yellow adds an instant burst of sunshine, a happy hue, in one of our pocket parks!

Sitting at Ms. Vee's Park

Sitting at Mrs. Vee’s Park


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