I recently found this quote written by a friend of mine and it made me happy! “Columbus, GA based duo, Lucy and Bruce Jones, friends in work and life, have quietly worked on a portfolio of candy colored projects with electric palettes and elements of surprise around every corner.  It all adds up, layer upon layer equals brilliant!”

In the words of my husband, Bruce: “Lucy saw that Google had a slide inside their building, so we had to have a slide in ours.”

Interior Design by Leigh Olive Mowry of Olive Interiors

Let me tell you about this slide!! When the hair brained idea entered my mind, we already had the stairs built inside The Mill, which is the clubhouse at Swallowtail Flats Apartments at Old Town in Columbus, GA, a Southern Living Inspired Community designed by Historical Concepts.

Bruce Jones and the Woodruff Development team were well into construction, so they had to stop the construction, take out the entire staircase and redesign to make this dream a reality!! I thought it was fun, they thought it was crazy, but again, we are in the “YES” business!!

We found a stainless steel slide manufacturer from Oregon, Natural Structures, creative innovations since 1976, (funny fact: the blow pop was created at about the same time). Then, we had to make sure code would allow an apartment complex to have an interior slide, and had architects to redraw. This was our way for Old Town to show its personality, express the fun to come and inspire others with an adrenaline rush!!

My favorite part was picking the color of the slide. I knew exactly which color I wanted: Charms Blow Pop red, an American classic, with just the right amount of sparkle. It was all about high shine & modern metallic!

The slide company sent their color samples our way and we looked at them in all forms of light for about two weeks. It just HAD to be the right shade of red, and it also needed some glitter and sparkle! It ended up being a 100% custom-made color, just for us!! The natural light that enters The Mill makes it sparkle and shine!


Interior Design by Leigh Olive Mowry of Olive Interiors

The slide was transported across the country to Columbus, GA from Baker City, OR, immediately installed, and there it was; the highlight of The Mill!! A wild vision turned into reality!!


We wanted to create the most unique experience ever in an apartment clubhouse, and I can say, mission accomplished!!

Interior Design by Leigh Olive Mowry of Olive Interiors


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