My favorite place on Earth is 30A. I love the beach! Luckily, I have visitied many beaches in the United States and the world, but nothing beats this spot.

My 30A sticker stash!

My 30A sticker stash! I used them to make wallpaper for the girls’ lockers!!

During one of our visits to 30A, I went into the Tommy Crow studio, shortly after he opened in Rosemary Beach. As a collector and lover of butterflies, his butterfly photo on canvas immediately spoke to me. I knew I had to have it! However, I just wasn’t sure where it would go.

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Several years later working on a project, I knew I had the perfect spot for this incredible piece of art. The mascot of the property where I decided to use this piece, Swallowtail Flats Apartments at Old Town, in Columbus, GA, a Southern Living Inspired Community, happened to be a swallowtail butterfly. We chose the swallowtail butterfly, because it is the state butterfly of Georgia! Did you know that? If not, we all learn something every day!!


Tommy Crow produces large format fine art photography and collaborates with designers on custom photo artwork, which is what we acquired for the Mill at Swallowtail Flats. In our case, it happened to be a perfect match, since we were able to tie in the logo to the picture and wrap it up as part of the brand, which is where the magic happened!!

We have invited Tommy to stop by several times, but he hasn’t been able to come by yet, but one day!!

At Marketing and Design with color we believe that creating a brand is not only about the aesthetics but about relaying a message delivered in a subtle, fun and engaging way!

I cannot wait to tell you more about our butterfly benches, butterfly logo, and all things Swallowtail Flats!!

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