a pink color bed with many cushions and pillows

Kate Merritt Davis

I love this gorgeous pink painting in my room by Kate Merritt Davis. I found it on a recent trip to St. George Island with friends and family, and a rainy day lead us to Apalachicola to shop.  I was head over heels over this find! I wanted to put it in a special place, where I would get to see it all the time, so as of today, it hangs above my bed!!  My bed is topped with Pine Cone Hill linens, Trina Turk and Lilly Pulitzer pillows, and I think the piece matches perfectly!


This artwork is s a non-representational form of rich color and graphite lines captured on panels of wood.  Kate Merritt Davis currently works out of her studio in Irondale, Alabama, while tending a rambling garden in the company of her husband and their three dogs.

I love all of her work! Click here to see more and shop. P.S. Tell her I sent you!





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closeup shot of a beautiful artificial flower

A Splash of Color!

I love spray painting! I believe color changes everything!! My favorite color is the Hot Pink by Krylon Short Cuts because its so easy to use and it can be applied to almost every surface imaginable! Even plants!!

I spray painted a dead air plant and it came back to life!! Gotta love hot pink!


To perfect your spray painting technique, hold the can about 5 inches or so away from the surface you’re spraying, this way you will get drip free results!



Remember, take your time! Enjoy the process and long live color!






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Repousse, 1828, re.pous.se, reh-pooh-ZAY, Kirk Stieff Company, acquired by Lenox in 1990, is the business descendant of two famous 19th century companies, Samuel Kirk and Son and The Stieff Company. Samuel Kirk and Son, founded in 1815, is America’s oldest silversmith. The Stieff Company, founded in 1892, is known for its exacting reproductions of historical patterns, many of which can be found in the Smithsonian, and its expertise with the repousse method of working silver.

We were hired to brand Old Town, in Columbus, GA and we named all the house plans after silver patterns! A few pieces of silver on the table enhance the feel of Southern Hospitality, each pattern comes with a story. The timeless elegance and old world sophistication sterling silver brings to the table and the home.

The Repousse model home was designed by Jennifer Schoenberger. It is my favorite house inside, not so much outside!  I love this pink room!

Photo: Nathan Leduc[/caption]

I love this color!  The name alyssum is a versatile edging plant – easy, fast, dainty and dense.  Alyssum flowers continuously with a delicious fragrance!!

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Justin Gaffrey

I found the Justin Gaffrey gallery while celebrating our anniversary at my favorite place on Earth, 30A!

I loved his persona and his style, tons of color and tons of texture. We had recently moved and I kept thinking I had just the right spot for a new piece of artwork! I sent a palette of colors to Justin in the mail and commissioned the piece you see featured on this post!!

Since then, he has grown and is well known and I am so thrilled to have one of his original pieces. I will never forget the night he arrived in my driveway and the painting was still wet. I loved it so much we hung it right away and it is stuck to the wall!! Justin uses so much glue and his paint being wet made it stick!  I also commissioned his wife at the same time.

Justin is an amazing artist with a very interesting background! He worked in construction, design, and he even worked as a chef!! Justin finally decided he wanted to pursue his career as a full time artist, and to this day, he has toured all over the United States, Ireland and Russia. His work features a floral series, a coastal collection, organic works, still life and steel welded structures.

Justin is Florida’s signature acrylic and contemporary artist!

When I visited his gallery, I could not take my eyes off this painting so I had to have it! Next time you are in 30A, make sure to stop by! I am sure you will find something you will love!!




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I believe in Pink!

I believe in pink!
I love the saying I made for my office wall.
I believe in pedicures.
I believe in overdressing.
I believe in lipstick.
I believe in PINK.
I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in fun.
I believe that the glass is half full.
I believe in being strong when everything else seems to be going wrong.
I believe the happiest girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe tomorrow is another day.
I believe in miracles.

*This canvas is for sale, check out our shop, Masstige!





Pink Paint


Sherwin Williams- HOT SW6843

I love this color!  And what a fun name Hot  I would love to be a nail polish namer or paint color namer…

Designer Laura Burbrink kept it clean but in an updated palette. This house is very proper and serious on the outside; inside, its sunny! -Lucy Jones


We were hired to brand Old Town, a Southern Living inspired community, and we named all the house plans after silver patterns, and a few pieces of silver on the table enhance the feel of Southern hospitality. The timeless elegance and old world sophistication sterling silver brings to the table and the home is unlike other, and each pattern comes with a story.

The fairfax was a model home at Old Town designed by Laura Burbrink, and my favorite room of course was the one with the hot pink wall! Sherwin Williams SW6843 Hot


1910 • fair·fax / fair-faks
Gorham is one of the oldest and best loved American manufacturers of sterling silver. Its long history stretches all the wayfrom it’s beginnings as a small silversmith’s shop in Providence, Rhode Island in the early 1800’s, to the present time. The more you use it the prettier it becomes!






A Pink Relief!

Hey, ever thought about this?

Pepto-Bismol is pink, do you think the color of Pepto and its packaging makes one feel relief??

Pink causes you to relax and be calm… maybe it does that to your stomach too!





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Paint Colors We Love

As you know by now I love color, just about any color, but my favorite color is PINK!  There are a few that I don’t even consider colors!  Ask a friend or email me and I will be happy to share.  You know I don’t like spreading negativity!

Your space, your clothes, your home should reflect you.  The colors you choose are a big part of the reflection!

Photo credit: Suzanne Jones

That scares a lot of people! My suggestion is don’t be afraid!  You only live once and this is not the dress rehearsal.

Start with an inspiration, what inspires you?  Where do you like to travel?  What makes you feel happy, comforted, safe?  Is there a fabric you love?  A family heirloom you cherish?

I cherish my daughter Liza's bronze-dipped baby shoes

I cherish my daughter Liza’s bronze-dipped baby shoes. Photo by Nathan Leduc

Get a fun tray, start collecting items you love and put on it soon you will have your very own inspiration board, play around with the swatches, the things the ideas the place represented, this is real life pinning!

Don’t be too serious, have fun!  There are a lot of rules about, but who’s watching.

Now that you have what you love, OWN IT!

I love to paint large paint samples on poster board, how can anyone choose a color from a tiny chip??

You can live with it for a few days, see it at different times of the day, see how it makes you feel, how does it look with you stuff??

There are a few virtual makeover sites online that are fun to try to when testing colors, try BHG.com, upload your room photo!!

Daring Colors + Unexpected Colors + Marketing and Design With Color = Dynamite!
Hire us today and let us take your space from the mundane to the extraordinary!

Brands I love:

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams

A recent project featured in these photos the Massee on Main loft apartments at Old Town, Columbus, GA we painted everything Benjamin Moore Super White, gotta love Super White!  We painted the kitchen and bath cabinets high gloss seen here and the base cabinets and islands SW6230 Rainstorm in high gloss, such a custom look in a rental product I love it!!

Loft at Old Town, Super White walls by Benjamin Moore + SW Rainstorm in high gloss!

Loft at Old Town, Super White walls by Benjamin Moore + SW Rainstorm in high gloss! Photo: Suzanne Jones

Serena and Lily are great for paint color suggestions!

House Beautiful has a nice collection of energetic and soothing colors

West Elm + Pottery Barn every issue of their catalog has a great selection of new colors from a variety of paint makers

Sherwin-Williams shares seasonal palettes from sherwin-williams with colors you can count on usually with a coupon, too!

Better Homes and Gardens always a page about color in every issue, great to tear out and save for that next design job to inspire!




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It’s Raining Confetti with Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots are known for their worldwide durable weather resistant boots no matter what climate you may be exposed to.


1856 is when this British heritage brand was first established. The are widely known for their iconic boots. They even hold two Royal Warrants of appointment to The Queen and even The Duke of Edinburgh. The Hunter brand is not only rich in history but also design. They are well known for withstanding harsh elements in drab landscapes. Just look at Great Britain in the harsh cold and rain season!

London rain

But with a Lucy loving twist we make them not only weather perfect but fashion forward. With an array of colors to choose from, adding a pop of color can take a rainy day outfit from drab to fab!


Hunter recently has moved to a new office where the vision was to create a modern open floor plan and displayed their iconic brand and their signature color, red and grey. Check out Poppin’s case study for more information .


We took the bright colors from the Hunter boot palette and it also inspired our office space!!!





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