International Orange

I found a giant paint index recently as an ad for Pier 1 Imports and it had 108 paint colors, oh happy day! At the bottom of the page it said look at for the paint formulation of international orange, what a fun thing to know, so I did just that and my findings are below!

Photo credit: Louis Raphael

Photo credit: Louis Raphael

When the steel for the Golden Gate Bridge was fabricated by Bethlehem Steel at its foundries in PA and NJ, the steel was coated with a red lead primer. As the bridge towers began to rise for the Golden Gate Bridge, the architect Irving F. Morrow was driving home from work in the East Bay via ferry. He was inspired by the red lead color. Morrow did many color studies, which resulted in the specification of the unique Golden Gate Bridge International Orange because it blended well with the nearby hills and contrasted with the ocean and sky.

As the bridge stands today, the color blends perfectly with the changing seasons and colors and the San Francisco skyline. I love it when something is just right!

The color named “International Orange” existed before the bridge (and still exists) and is a color used in the aerospace industry to set things apart from their surroundings, similar to safety orange, but deeper and with a more reddish tone.

The Golden Gate Bridge is painted Golden Gate Bridge International Orange!!

The final color was the result of many studies by architects, sculptors, engineers, painters, and others. It takes a village!!

The Golden Gate Bridge International Orange color is mixed to very specific requirements. The bridge has maintained its formula for GGB International Orange through many years. But don’t worry… the requirements are not proprietary, and anyone can formulate and use the color!! In fact, the color formula is listed on the website and I pulled it for you to see:

Here is the scoop:
CMYK colors are: C= Cyan: 0%, M =Magenta: 69%, Y =Yellow: 100%, K = Black: 6%.
The closest existing color codes to GGB International Orange color are:
PMS 173 (CYMK = 0%, 80%, 94%, 1%),
PMS 174 (CYMK 8%, 85%, 100%, 34%)
Pantone 180 (CYMK 19.4%, 77.9%, 79.6%, 3.6%)

If you absolutely love this color, but have no way to get a PMS or Pantone match,  you can purchase the closest off-the-shelf paint color, provided by Sherwin Williams. It is called “Fireweed” (color code SW 6328).

We had fun adding a pop of orange to a mini model in Old Town!  Photo by: Suzanne Jones

We had fun adding a pop of orange to a mini model in Old Town! Photo by: Suzanne Jones

Hire us today, and let us show you how to add a pop of color to make your space unique!!



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Repousse, 1828,, reh-pooh-ZAY, Kirk Stieff Company, acquired by Lenox in 1990, is the business descendant of two famous 19th century companies, Samuel Kirk and Son and The Stieff Company. Samuel Kirk and Son, founded in 1815, is America’s oldest silversmith. The Stieff Company, founded in 1892, is known for its exacting reproductions of historical patterns, many of which can be found in the Smithsonian, and its expertise with the repousse method of working silver.

We were hired to brand Old Town, in Columbus, GA and we named all the house plans after silver patterns! A few pieces of silver on the table enhance the feel of Southern Hospitality, each pattern comes with a story. The timeless elegance and old world sophistication sterling silver brings to the table and the home.

The Repousse model home was designed by Jennifer Schoenberger. It is my favorite house inside, not so much outside!  I love this pink room!

Photo: Nathan Leduc[/caption]

I love this color!  The name alyssum is a versatile edging plant – easy, fast, dainty and dense.  Alyssum flowers continuously with a delicious fragrance!!

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Truck Wrap

We create marketing materials, but not just the standard ones.. we jump all in!! You and I both know that signs are important and that signs are everywhere….we pass them daily. Depending on our daily commute, you may pass hundreds of signs. What makes them stand out? What makes you notice a sign? You may believe that all signs are the same. In some cases that may be true, but…

…don’t be too sure that all signs are made equal, or that all signs have the same effect. We’re visual, and in a world that is moving so fast, getting our attention can be tough!!


For the best marketing solutions, contact us today!!



Swallowtail Benches

Driving 70mph down the Florida Turnpike on the way home from Disney world, (Suncoast Parkway) I saw out of the corner of my eye an understated house with metal butterflies in the yard, and a small sign that said “Dan’s Metalworks”.

I made my husband turn around and go back so I could take a picture of the sign so that I could call Dan!! I was working on a design job and needed a butterfly bench at least 200 times the size of the butterflies on Dan’s yard. Powder coated in purple, turquoise, and orange. Dan was an amazing metal worker very talented and open minded to my exciting project. He even drove the benches to Columbus, GA and personally delivered them and they were better than I could’ve ever imagined.

Can you spot the butterfly?

Can you spot the butterfly?

SW6980 Gusty Grape

Bench in SW6950 Calypso

We sent him Sherwin Williams paint colors, SW6950 Calypso, SW6980 Gusty Grape, SW6885 Knock Out Orange, a spectacular color!! 🙂

Color: SW6885 Knock Out Orange

We always find awesome products during our travels. The challenge is getting my husband to turn the car around.

Fun fact: the mascot for Swallowtail Flats is a swallowtail butterfly, because it is the state butterfly of Georgia!




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Beechwood Metalworks

Beechwood Metalworks is an All-American company based out of Burlington, North Carolina. They create custom pieces as big as you can imagine!! We have worked with them for multiple projects and they never fail to let our imaginations fly! Hire us today to make your ideas a reality!

If you ever are on the hunt for a stylish, colorful, piece of metal artwork, give us a call!!

Can you tell where this awesome flower is at??

Can you tell where this awesome flower is located??

Frog designed by moi!

Frog designed by moi!

Great design collaboration with Beechwood Metalworks!

Great design collaboration with Beechwood Metalworks!





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Got used books?

You can buy used books quickly and easily at! This company is an independent bookstore based in Seattle that will sell and buy your books! You can type in the book name, author or keyword and it will show you all of what they have in stock!

We decided to give it a try and ordered the Domino magazine “Book of decorating a room”. The book was listed as used, but it arrived in great condition! Powell’s offers five different shipping options, ranging from standard economy shipping to as fast as next day air! We love options, so we went with economy shipping for $3.99. Our book arrived 6 business days after the order date.

So excited!! Our book arrived

We think their packaging could use a little color!! Don’t you?

The book was in great condition!!

This might be my favorite spread… guess why?!

On the flip side, we tried to post a book to sell! “P.U. You stink” by Ronda Friend

Quick tip for you: posting multiple photos of something you’re trying to sell online, will most likely land you a sale! Customers want to see what your product is about.

Once we got through listing our first book, we couldn’t complete the online listing because each bid (or listing) must contain a minimum of 7 books or $9.00 of credit before Powell’s can accept your bid. So, we stayed positive and went and found more books in good condition to sell!! It all was peaches and cream up until this point. This process was painful. For some reason, none of the books we tried to list were accepted by Powell’s. We tried looking around their site for FAQ’s as to why our books were not accepted, or how to make sure we were doing it right, but it took over 15 minutes and by that point, we were done. *If someone knows how to do this, please let us know so we can list our books!! Drop us a line!! 

Last but not least, Powell’s offers you to easily print out a shipping label (they will pay for postage) and collect your fee. We were unable to get to this step, so we can’t say how that works!!

On the bright side, buying the book was super easy, and they had exactly what we wanted!! Have you ever used Powell’s? I want to hear from you!!




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Chutes & Ladders

I recently found this quote written by a friend of mine and it made me happy! “Columbus, GA based duo, Lucy and Bruce Jones, friends in work and life, have quietly worked on a portfolio of candy colored projects with electric palettes and elements of surprise around every corner.  It all adds up, layer upon layer equals brilliant!”

In the words of my husband, Bruce: “Lucy saw that Google had a slide inside their building, so we had to have a slide in ours.”

Interior Design by Leigh Olive Mowry of Olive Interiors

Let me tell you about this slide!! When the hair brained idea entered my mind, we already had the stairs built inside The Mill, which is the clubhouse at Swallowtail Flats Apartments at Old Town in Columbus, GA, a Southern Living Inspired Community designed by Historical Concepts.

Bruce Jones and the Woodruff Development team were well into construction, so they had to stop the construction, take out the entire staircase and redesign to make this dream a reality!! I thought it was fun, they thought it was crazy, but again, we are in the “YES” business!!

We found a stainless steel slide manufacturer from Oregon, Natural Structures, creative innovations since 1976, (funny fact: the blow pop was created at about the same time). Then, we had to make sure code would allow an apartment complex to have an interior slide, and had architects to redraw. This was our way for Old Town to show its personality, express the fun to come and inspire others with an adrenaline rush!!

My favorite part was picking the color of the slide. I knew exactly which color I wanted: Charms Blow Pop red, an American classic, with just the right amount of sparkle. It was all about high shine & modern metallic!

The slide company sent their color samples our way and we looked at them in all forms of light for about two weeks. It just HAD to be the right shade of red, and it also needed some glitter and sparkle! It ended up being a 100% custom-made color, just for us!! The natural light that enters The Mill makes it sparkle and shine!


Interior Design by Leigh Olive Mowry of Olive Interiors

The slide was transported across the country to Columbus, GA from Baker City, OR, immediately installed, and there it was; the highlight of The Mill!! A wild vision turned into reality!!


We wanted to create the most unique experience ever in an apartment clubhouse, and I can say, mission accomplished!!

Interior Design by Leigh Olive Mowry of Olive Interiors


Hire us today for unique and creative ideas to transform your space!




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Drab to Fab: Vibrant Color & Great Design!

Interior Design by Leigh Olive Mowry of Olive Interiors

We want to give your space a face lift! New ideas created around old fashioned fun?

Marketing and Design with Color design experts will work with you to fit any style and client taste and need.  Yes we love color!! For Lakeside Village, we took an old fashioned car, sliced it in half, and made it into a sofa for the movie room!! Talk about an IDEA!!! We chose yellow for this car to evoke energy, optimism and happiness!! Gotta love white mixed with color— it looks so modern, fresh and clean!

Quick tip: when selecting yellow for your color palette, make sure its bright yellow!! Pale yellow brings out negative feelings of caution, criticism and jealousy!




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Justin Gaffrey

I found the Justin Gaffrey gallery while celebrating our anniversary at my favorite place on Earth, 30A!

I loved his persona and his style, tons of color and tons of texture. We had recently moved and I kept thinking I had just the right spot for a new piece of artwork! I sent a palette of colors to Justin in the mail and commissioned the piece you see featured on this post!!

Since then, he has grown and is well known and I am so thrilled to have one of his original pieces. I will never forget the night he arrived in my driveway and the painting was still wet. I loved it so much we hung it right away and it is stuck to the wall!! Justin uses so much glue and his paint being wet made it stick!  I also commissioned his wife at the same time.

Justin is an amazing artist with a very interesting background! He worked in construction, design, and he even worked as a chef!! Justin finally decided he wanted to pursue his career as a full time artist, and to this day, he has toured all over the United States, Ireland and Russia. His work features a floral series, a coastal collection, organic works, still life and steel welded structures.

Justin is Florida’s signature acrylic and contemporary artist!

When I visited his gallery, I could not take my eyes off this painting so I had to have it! Next time you are in 30A, make sure to stop by! I am sure you will find something you will love!!




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