You can buy used books quickly and easily at! This company is an independent bookstore based in Seattle that will sell and buy your books! You can type in the book name, author or keyword and it will show you all of what they have in stock!

We decided to give it a try and ordered the Domino magazine “Book of decorating a room”. The book was listed as used, but it arrived in great condition! Powell’s offers five different shipping options, ranging from standard economy shipping to as fast as next day air! We love options, so we went with economy shipping for $3.99. Our book arrived 6 business days after the order date.

So excited!! Our book arrived

We think their packaging could use a little color!! Don’t you?

The book was in great condition!!

This might be my favorite spread… guess why?!

On the flip side, we tried to post a book to sell! “P.U. You stink” by Ronda Friend

Quick tip for you: posting multiple photos of something you’re trying to sell online, will most likely land you a sale! Customers want to see what your product is about.

Once we got through listing our first book, we couldn’t complete the online listing because each bid (or listing) must contain a minimum of 7 books or $9.00 of credit before Powell’s can accept your bid. So, we stayed positive and went and found more books in good condition to sell!! It all was peaches and cream up until this point. This process was painful. For some reason, none of the books we tried to list were accepted by Powell’s. We tried looking around their site for FAQ’s as to why our books were not accepted, or how to make sure we were doing it right, but it took over 15 minutes and by that point, we were done. *If someone knows how to do this, please let us know so we can list our books!! Drop us a line!! 

Last but not least, Powell’s offers you to easily print out a shipping label (they will pay for postage) and collect your fee. We were unable to get to this step, so we can’t say how that works!!

On the bright side, buying the book was super easy, and they had exactly what we wanted!! Have you ever used Powell’s? I want to hear from you!!




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