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view of the colorful ScentAir bus


Contributed by Heather Lofthus

With spring season in full bloom, you’ve likely noticed your nose being stimulated by blooming flowers and fresh cut grass. As I walked outside this morning to the much welcomed 70-degree weather, the scent of fresh, warm air, moisture from the dew on my lawn, and the buds of my magnolia tree instantly caught my attention. It’s amazing how with just a sniff, we can be transported to a certain place, season, and even moment. Believe it or not, there’s an actual science behind this!


Nobody ever asked you to stop and hear the roses. There is a reason for that. Our sense of smell is the most powerful of our five senses when it comes to emotion and memory. Different smells will tell us more clearly and directly when it is time to slow down, enjoy, and feel good about an experience.


It all begins with how we experience the world outside ourselves.  The five senses are our pathway to connection with the outside world: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.  Our sense of smell is deeply connected to the emotional and memory centers in the brain.

  • Up to 75% of our daily emotions can be generated by our sense of smell.
  • We remember what we see for about 30 days with about 40% accuracy, whereas we remember what we smell with 60% accuracy for more than a year.


Businesses have put the sense of smell to work for years. ScentAir helps businesses engage their consumers’ strongest sense to create tangible, positive results. ScentAir works with multi-family living brands and communities across the country to create deeper experiences for future residents, increase tour conversion rates, and boost efforts to differentiate themselves.  Additionally, the company also helps put focus on value perception for existing residents to promote retention and support pricing justification.

How Scent Impacts Resident Experiences:

  • Connects and impacts both customer segments – Future and Existing Residents
  • Creates Meaningful Differentiation
  • Higher value perception of resident experience
  • Impact first impression and tour experience
  • Increased Word of Mouth
  • Additional touch point to convey a sense of home

When we think about a resident experience, apartment communities often overlook the sense that is most likely to improve a resident’s mood and allow them to more vividly recall that experience. As a top priority, customers in the apartment industry are generally looking to improve tour conversion along with their retention efforts.  To do so, there are certain critical elements of the experience, including scent, that help make a first-time customer more likely to feel good about the experience and then to positively remember the experience which creates a standout experience and increased word of mouth.

When I was house shopping for my first home, we saw dozens of houses. There was one, however, that I still remember so vividly. The owner had baked cookies and when we walked in, the aroma of dark chocolate, melted butter, and warm dough filled the home. To this day, I can describe the way I felt when I entered that house. It was cozy, inviting, and reminded me of the exact ambiance I wanted my home to embody.

We all have a scent memory: grandma’s hot apple pie, sweet honeysuckle hanging from the vine, that cute boy’s cologne from middle school. Whatever it might be, it’s a memory and one that sticks with us forever.


When creating the resident experience, you consider the paint on the walls, the mood that music sets, the comfortable chairs and delicious coffee in the lobby, so why not incorporate the one sense that has the power to make the most memorable first impression: SCENT!



Spring Cleaning!

Spring is here and so is the time to declutter!! But who has time to go through all that? We do!!


No job is too big or too small. We are experts in cleaning, organizing, decluttering and decorating spaces. Desks, kitchens, storage, entire houses or mini models!

We can use what you have and move it all around, we take any space from drab to fab!

Whether your space needs a small nip tuck or a full face lift, we got you covered. Indoor or outdoor, we can do it! Grow Landscaping provides the best service for all of your landscaping needs.

Location: Scarborough Farms, landscaping by Grow Landscaping

With spring in the air and summer around the corner, we will have your indoor and outdoor spaces ready to entertain!




Got 24 hours? It’s time for a makeover!

We were hired by Willow Point Apartments in Jackson, Mississippi. Willow Point is an affordable housing development that we turned from drab to fab in under 24 hours!

The Marketing and Design With Color team showed up with upbeat attitudes and ready to work. We were ready to tackle the task and arrived on site revved up!

Trip and Mallory meeting up with the Willow Point team

We worked with a divide and conquer mindset.

Our team dynamic is contagious, and aside from re-styling a mini model, we shared with the leasing consultants our experiences, training material and how to have fun in life and at work!

Our team spread out through the property and Mallory took care of marketing, training, motivating and brand development. Trip took care of the photoshoot, casting, videography, staging, and sign setup. Lucy and Katina took care of all the shopping, measuring, styling and behind the scenes work. Talk about a dream team!

Our goal is to create an environment where employees and residents alike are able to leave all their worries at the door and show up and get ready to work with a go-getter attitude!! What we call “ready for company”!!

No matter the budget, we can transform your space from the mundane to the dynamic! We love what we do and we do what we love.

Check out our style guide, before and afters and hire us to design your space!







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Living Room view #2



Living Room view #1



Master Bedroom



Kid’s Corner



Powder Room


Property Sign


closeup shot of a beautiful artificial flower

A Splash of Color!

I love spray painting! I believe color changes everything!! My favorite color is the Hot Pink by Krylon Short Cuts because its so easy to use and it can be applied to almost every surface imaginable! Even plants!!

I spray painted a dead air plant and it came back to life!! Gotta love hot pink!


To perfect your spray painting technique, hold the can about 5 inches or so away from the surface you’re spraying, this way you will get drip free results!



Remember, take your time! Enjoy the process and long live color!






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Drab to Fab: Vibrant Color & Great Design!

Interior Design by Leigh Olive Mowry of Olive Interiors

We want to give your space a face lift! New ideas created around old fashioned fun?

Marketing and Design with Color design experts will work with you to fit any style and client taste and need.  Yes we love color!! For Lakeside Village, we took an old fashioned car, sliced it in half, and made it into a sofa for the movie room!! Talk about an IDEA!!! We chose yellow for this car to evoke energy, optimism and happiness!! Gotta love white mixed with color— it looks so modern, fresh and clean!

Quick tip: when selecting yellow for your color palette, make sure its bright yellow!! Pale yellow brings out negative feelings of caution, criticism and jealousy!




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Drab to Fab: Before and After Gallery

We love taking drab and making it FABULOUS! Do you ever watch Fixer Upper? This is our spin off!

Take a look at just a few of our properties that we have turned from boring to exciting!

Who wouldn’t want to live here? Waking up every morning getting to go to the clubhouse for fresh Starbucks coffee and smiling office staff is the best start to the day!

Summertime is super COOL with our resort style pools, but don’t worry winter is just as HOT HOT HOT with our cozy fire places.

Call us today to redesign your property! We guarantee you’ll love the new do!



Interior Design by Leigh Olive Mowry of Olive Interiors

Woodruff Development Company__


Interior Design by Leigh Olive Mowry of Olive Interiors




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The Landings

The Landings is located on Airport Thruway & exit 8 off I-185 at Whitesville Rd and Sidney Simons Boulevard, in Columbus, GA. The property is located in the center of Columbus. The center has over 50,000 cars that drive by on a daily basis, making it a perfect candidate for a facelift. It has great visibility and access. It is a 10 minute drive from most of the established communities and new residential developments in town. We looked at the location, performed a market analysis, and advised clients based the return for their investment.

The first time I looked at The Landings from a business perspective, my world started spinning faster! The Landings was a revitalization project, and the community needed to be involved. We needed “buy in”! The mayor and city officials were always there. After all, this was a project for the people of Columbus.

This project was a great adventure from a marketing, design, and consulting standpoint. We completely revamped the brand and added new life and energy to a dilapidated commercial area in a great location.

Our goal was to make The Landings a fun place to shop. Fun? I LIKE FUN!!

I took pride and ownership on this project! My husband and children were a part of it in which we felt like it was ours. I was there every day and loved every moment of it!

A spark of Lucy at The Landings was painting the speed bumps PINK! I can’t have enough of it. I’m always wearing something pink, and if it’s not on me, then it’s definitely around me. I wanted all visitors at the Landings to have a taste of it in their life when they came to shop, eat, or play!  You have to remember that at this point, pink wasn’t what it is today. You couldn’t find pink everywhere. This, what seemed crazy, idea definitely had people talking! When word of mouth got around, since there was no social media back then, everyone made their way to see the pink speed bumps. Whether they liked them or thought they were tacky, they still came to see. Guess what? Some stayed to shop, eat, and play. Just what we wanted!


Design and marketing, it’s about making people happy. Marketing and design with color is fun! We decorated with turquoise, lime green, and of course, pink. Color makes people happy!

Did I tell you that I believe in a pink and green Christmas? Christmas at The Landings is full of fun!! From making it snow (yes, like real snow!!) in Columbus, to decorating in pink and green, telling the story of Christmas, explaining the reason for the season with our marketing signs, and of course photos with Santa!

I love modern fresh and new, but I also love things with a vintage flair. I love mixing things that don’t necessarily go together. For example, very modern tinsel trees combined with antique blow molds that light up! Hire us for our consulting services to give ideas or to plan and execute your next marketing function.

We took The Landings over by storm! We reinvented, redesigned, and brought to life a shopping center in a great location. Rents went from $8 to $24 per square foot and increased the value of the shopping center by millions of dollars… all in about 24 months!! Needless to say, our team offers outstanding services for design, consulting, re-designing, and new construction for retail and commercial spaces!! Whatever your need and budget is, we can do it! This investment has paid off as The Landings today hosts approximately 300,00 sq. ft. of retail space. By integrating property management with marketing and development, the Woodruff team offers complete services to owners and developers.


We handled every aspect of The Landings’ marketing. We build, manage, advertise and market for our clients- creating consistent brands.

The Landings brand: one-stop shop, good old-fashioned fun, family, and community. Our company and consulting services are all about improving, redeveloping, and assisting our clients to achieve the ultimate goal while increasing the bottom line.

We created a place where customers say that it’s fun to shop and eat at The Landings! It’s filled with beautiful landscaping and planters with colorful flowers by Grow Landscaping, and multiple large sculptures throughout the center. It has co-tenants such as: Outback Steakhouse, Applebee’s, Monkey Joe’s, Kinnucan’s, Gigi’s Cupcakes, Sweet Frog Yogurt, Plato’s Closet, Burnham Shoes, Orange Theory, The Juice Bar, and many other boutique retailers.


The Landings is the perfect example that our idea of more is better. Sparkle, shimmer, glitz, glam, and lots of fluff!




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