Mother + Daughter Day

I have three girls as you may have noticed and beginning the moment the second one was born the competition began.  And it continues everyday all day.  Each child is precious, sweet, smart and different from the other!  I realized the need for individual time with each one and when was this going to happen.  They get so jealous if I do something with one that I don’t do with the other.  I invite one to the store they all pile in.  So the week before Christmas in 2007 I had an idea.  I will give Laurie Clare and Liza a mother daughter day.  I can up with a set of rules so to speak even though I hate rules, but we needed some parameters!

Lulie ready to go!

The note was on the christmas tree one for Liza (4 yrs old) and one for Laurie Clare (5 yrs old).  It said I invite you to your first annual mother daughter day!

They were excited!  And did not even know what they were excited about, but the thought of spending just a day with me all alone sounded good to them!

I explained that on New Years Day or any day after that during 2008 they could plan a day we would spend together just they way they wanted to.  I would not work, I would have my cell phone, but only for emergencies.  That made the day sound even better.  No distractions, all my attention just on them!


Liza and I at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta

LC loved Boston from the moment we landed!








I went on to further explain the “real deal”.  Until you are 10 it is a day anything you want to do in 24 hours, when you are 10 you get to spend the night somewhere anywhere you can drive to.  When you are 12 you get to spend two nights anywhere and you can fly or drive.  14 three nights and 16 a week!

As I type I am teary because the times we have already shared have been magical memorable moments  #rondafriend

In 2009, our third child arrived and the competition got even crazier and mother daughter days even more important.

It has been fun to watch the girls each plan their days and nights.  The itineraries diverse, the ideas unique and the memories unforgettable!

Liza loves makeup and Sephora!


Good fun and great food!







New York City, Boston, Chicago, Serenbe, Atlanta (a few times) and even good old Columbus, GA!

The days always start with #Starbucks that is synonymous among the three!  A gift from me is always expected along with some cash!  What started with a one hundred dollar bill has now grown for the older two as their taste are in #FreePeople and #ToryBurch!

Lulie loves Mother Daughter Day gifts!




I am always amazed they think of the ones left at home and spend their money on something special for each other family member including the dogs!





When in Boston…


…you go to Fenway Park and watch a baseball game!! #greatseats









I love Mother Daughter Day trips with my girls, inspiration is everywhere!! #Boston #PinkChalk

I’d love to hear how you celebrate Mother’s Day, or any adventures you’ve had during a trip with family! They’re always full of fun surprises!!

And as promised, here is your invitation to the Vintage Market Days of Nashville, where my dear Ronda Friend will be signing books!

Click here for link to event

May 12-14
1. Wear comfy shoes, they have 2 buildings and a mid-way!
2. No fur babies allowed unless licensed service animal
3. Tickets Friday $11, Saturday and Sunday $6 re-entry all weekend
4. Tickets available at the gate all weekend.
5. Bring a canned good, support the community!
6. Bring both cash and cards, some vendors do not accept cards
7. Located at 945 Baddour Parkway Lebanon, TN. Wilson County Fairgrounds.


Happy Mothers Day!





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Got 24 hours? It’s time for a makeover!

We were hired by Willow Point Apartments in Jackson, Mississippi. Willow Point is an affordable housing development that we turned from drab to fab in under 24 hours!

The Marketing and Design With Color team showed up with upbeat attitudes and ready to work. We were ready to tackle the task and arrived on site revved up!

Trip and Mallory meeting up with the Willow Point team

We worked with a divide and conquer mindset.

Our team dynamic is contagious, and aside from re-styling a mini model, we shared with the leasing consultants our experiences, training material and how to have fun in life and at work!

Our team spread out through the property and Mallory took care of marketing, training, motivating and brand development. Trip took care of the photoshoot, casting, videography, staging, and sign setup. Lucy and Katina took care of all the shopping, measuring, styling and behind the scenes work. Talk about a dream team!

Our goal is to create an environment where employees and residents alike are able to leave all their worries at the door and show up and get ready to work with a go-getter attitude!! What we call “ready for company”!!

No matter the budget, we can transform your space from the mundane to the dynamic! We love what we do and we do what we love.

Check out our style guide, before and afters and hire us to design your space!







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Living Room view #2



Living Room view #1



Master Bedroom



Kid’s Corner



Powder Room


Property Sign



A Trip for a Gift: NYC


I’m always up for going against the flow, so for Laurie Clare’s 13th birthday, I asked her if she wanted to do the typical party like everyone else with a dance or if she wanted to plan a trip that I’d take her on.

Thankfully, since she’s up for crazy, she voted the trip!! Off to New York we went!!  I told Laurie Clare (LC) since I was super busy at work and it was her trip, I wanted her to be our travel advisor.  We called her friend Holland and her mom, Kellie, and they decided to come along with us for the big 13th birthday trip!! For weeks and weeks, LC spent all of her free time researching the best shows, shops, restaurants and sights to see.  She made an itinerary for each day full of fun, and I excitedly said yes to it all!

While LC planned, I went behind her back and asked our babysitter, Becca, who was off at college, if she would tag along with us and surprise LC at the airport.  Becca always says yes to our trips and craziness!!!!  She and LC are the best of friends and I call her my daughter, so she was a must-have for this extravaganza.

Becca surprises the girls at the airport!!  Off we go to NYC!

First stop: THE LIMO! Kellie and I wanted the birthday girl to have the best ride to the hotel.


Second stop: THE PLAZA!


Third stop: Sarahbeth’s for lunch then off to get macaroons at Laduree!


The rest of the stops I won’t even number because we hit the city by storm in a short 3 days!  We laughed and we laughed and we laughed.  Here are some highlights:


MATILDA— a must see!  The cast was almost all children, which made it even more exciting.  Such talent, a great set, and an even better show!


Carriage ride through Central Park— cold & beautiful!  We had a blast touring Central Park posted up high on the horse and seeing all of the leaves changing colors.  Our carriage driver was so nice and covered us up in blankets on the cool New York City morning!!


Toys R Us Ferris Wheel— who knew there was a Ferris Wheel inside of the Toys R Us??  The seats on it are different well-known toys! We got to ride in the Little Tykes car.  We were dying to ride in the My Little Pony car though because my youngest, Lulie, was obsessed with them!! We wanted to tell her that we got to ride in it!


Tiffany & Co.— a stop to see the world’s largest yellow diamond!  We went into Tiffany and heard the story of Tiffany and the story behind the yellow diamond.  It was beautiful!


Chocolate anyone???— chocolate is the best dessert, but it also tastes amazing with breakfast!  LC discovered this fantastic breakfast place that where we enjoyed the best meal, including our own chocolate fountain.  You should try! Email me if you want to know the name of this fantastic place!! 🙂




Chelsea Market— beautiful, local, cozy.  This market was full of local vendors selling all things from clothes to meals to donuts.  We enjoyed some delicious cheese and crackers with wine and also homemade donuts from the store next door!  All things Lucy I love.




The Coat Man— you might think the mink coats are fake, but we found some good ones!!! There was a man stopped outside the market with a minivan packed full of fur coats.  I mean, it was just too good to be true.  No one was there when we got there, but after a little while all of our commotion brought them by tons of business!! I must have tried on 50 different styles and colors while the girls passed each one around and modeled them across the sidewalk!!! We all laughed so hard!!!  Holland had the best time trying them on.  The man could not get enough of us because he thought we were so crazy!! I found a great coat, but really we made some great memories.


Ellen’s Stardust Diner— famous for its entertainment, this dining place is a must!  At Ellen’s, actors trying to make it on Broadway are the waiters and waitresses and work there while they’re trying to make it BIG!! The whole time each person puts on a different show with their favorite song.  We ate some good diner food while enjoying all that was going on around us.  It was a hit!  Get there early if you want to get a table!




While we toured the city, we stopped at countless shops along the way.  We went through our favorites, Lilly Pulitzer and Tory Burch, and also any other place that caught the eye.  Becca thought we’d never stop shopping!!

We’re always teaching her to be looking for a good purchase.  In the Lilly store, we ran into Lulie’s friend from back home!!


The last night, we came in from dinner and adventures really late, and I mean, I was EXHAUSTED!  The girls were tired too but excitement from all of the possibilities in a city like New York was still running through them.  As soon as we got out of the elevator, we started laughing so hard about something that we could barely walk and both of the girls ended up on the floor on top of each other laughing!! What memories!!  We slept hard that night and woke up early the next morning to squeeze in a little more fun before our flight back home.

All of LC’s friends might’ve had more people at their party, but we made memories for a lifetime in a quick trip to The Big Apple!






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Day Trip to Mount Laurel

Southern Living Magazine ad about Mount Laurel

Southern Living Magazine ad about Mount Laurel

We toured the Southern Living Idea House, Celebration Cottage, and my favorite room was the dining room, designed by Margaret Kirkland. In a recent interview about Margaret Kirkland she stated that one of her greatest pleasures as a designer is to go hunting in a clients storage room for old treasures to give them new life. I felt like this is one of the most relatable aspects of her design talent.

I absolutely love all of the textures and patterns she used in her design.

The idea that Kirkland uses the mixed media not only with her texture and patterns but also with her collaboration of history and modern sophistication just made my heart happy when I walked into this glorious room!

The large Sally King Benedict abstract face paintings were such fun and made me so glad to own a Sally King Benedict piece of art myself!


The palms trees were amazing by Lindroth Design.

We loved seeing our friends at Stray Dog Designs!!! Hi Billy! The Andrea Pendant and Marrakesh Mirror were featured in the house!

There was so much going on in this room, but it worked!  Thanks for the personal tour with Katheryn Lott, Kristen Bryan, and Ray Jackson. These folks are the epitome of southern hospitality!

Visit their website: http://www.mtlaurel.com



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