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Mother + Daughter Day

I have three girls as you may have noticed and beginning the moment the second one was born the competition began.  And it continues everyday all day.  Each child is precious, sweet, smart and different from the other!  I realized the need for individual time with each one and when was this going to happen.  They get so jealous if I do something with one that I don’t do with the other.  I invite one to the store they all pile in.  So the week before Christmas in 2007 I had an idea.  I will give Laurie Clare and Liza a mother daughter day.  I can up with a set of rules so to speak even though I hate rules, but we needed some parameters!

Lulie ready to go!

The note was on the christmas tree one for Liza (4 yrs old) and one for Laurie Clare (5 yrs old).  It said I invite you to your first annual mother daughter day!

They were excited!  And did not even know what they were excited about, but the thought of spending just a day with me all alone sounded good to them!

I explained that on New Years Day or any day after that during 2008 they could plan a day we would spend together just they way they wanted to.  I would not work, I would have my cell phone, but only for emergencies.  That made the day sound even better.  No distractions, all my attention just on them!


Liza and I at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta

LC loved Boston from the moment we landed!








I went on to further explain the “real deal”.  Until you are 10 it is a day anything you want to do in 24 hours, when you are 10 you get to spend the night somewhere anywhere you can drive to.  When you are 12 you get to spend two nights anywhere and you can fly or drive.  14 three nights and 16 a week!

As I type I am teary because the times we have already shared have been magical memorable moments  #rondafriend

In 2009, our third child arrived and the competition got even crazier and mother daughter days even more important.

It has been fun to watch the girls each plan their days and nights.  The itineraries diverse, the ideas unique and the memories unforgettable!

Liza loves makeup and Sephora!


Good fun and great food!







New York City, Boston, Chicago, Serenbe, Atlanta (a few times) and even good old Columbus, GA!

The days always start with #Starbucks that is synonymous among the three!  A gift from me is always expected along with some cash!  What started with a one hundred dollar bill has now grown for the older two as their taste are in #FreePeople and #ToryBurch!

Lulie loves Mother Daughter Day gifts!




I am always amazed they think of the ones left at home and spend their money on something special for each other family member including the dogs!





When in Boston…


…you go to Fenway Park and watch a baseball game!! #greatseats









I love Mother Daughter Day trips with my girls, inspiration is everywhere!! #Boston #PinkChalk

I’d love to hear how you celebrate Mother’s Day, or any adventures you’ve had during a trip with family! They’re always full of fun surprises!!

And as promised, here is your invitation to the Vintage Market Days of Nashville, where my dear Ronda Friend will be signing books!

Click here for link to event

May 12-14
1. Wear comfy shoes, they have 2 buildings and a mid-way!
2. No fur babies allowed unless licensed service animal
3. Tickets Friday $11, Saturday and Sunday $6 re-entry all weekend
4. Tickets available at the gate all weekend.
5. Bring a canned good, support the community!
6. Bring both cash and cards, some vendors do not accept cards
7. Located at 945 Baddour Parkway Lebanon, TN. Wilson County Fairgrounds.


Happy Mothers Day!





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Celebrity Spotlight: Guest Post by Tracy Daves

I was so excited recently to visit with the Marketing and Design With Color group and discuss color, trends, and Shaw Floors. We clicked instantly! Why?

Lucy and Tracy at the International Builder Show, long time working relationship and friendship!

I’m a little obsessed, you could say, with style and design. I want spaces to feel cozy and pretty.
I believe floors can do all of the above because flooring is in every room of your dwelling space. So why not design from the ground up and start your inspiration there.
Are you vibing with the grey trend? (I hate to even call it a trend because it is the most talked about color in the past 25 years!) It freshens and modernizes every color on the spectrum. It can be silver, cool, warm, light, dark, or even metallic. Shut up. So versatile! So how are you using grey?

Your world Pebble Hill

And white. Don’t get me started on how clean and cool it is. Mama likes: white cabinets, white counters, white oak floors, subway tiles, a crisp white t-shirt with jeans. I could go on and on. A classic. Infuse white in your decor for a fresh look. Every color pops with it.


White Hot 2015

And my new obsession, Shaw Floors 2017 color of the year… Lush! Sustainable, healing, environmental, richly saturated, serene, happy (Kate Spade-esque) bringing-the-outside-in, natural green. What a fun accent of color for a rug, a bath bomb, your next pedicure, a new coat, or a Joanna Gaines inspired simple wreath on a mantle. Can you see it? Can you feel it? I’m all in!


Thanks so much,
Tracy Daves is the Director of Design and Marketing for Shaw Floors for the East Coast. She is a time juggling wife and mom that travels extensively chatting up designers on trends in home decor and flooring. You may have seen her showcasing Shaw Floors on HGTV’s Smart and Green Homes or on Lifetime’s Designing Spaces.

Swallowtail Benches

Driving 70mph down the Florida Turnpike on the way home from Disney world, (Suncoast Parkway) I saw out of the corner of my eye an understated house with metal butterflies in the yard, and a small sign that said “Dan’s Metalworks”.

I made my husband turn around and go back so I could take a picture of the sign so that I could call Dan!! I was working on a design job and needed a butterfly bench at least 200 times the size of the butterflies on Dan’s yard. Powder coated in purple, turquoise, and orange. Dan was an amazing metal worker very talented and open minded to my exciting project. He even drove the benches to Columbus, GA and personally delivered them and they were better than I could’ve ever imagined.

Can you spot the butterfly?

Can you spot the butterfly?

SW6980 Gusty Grape

Bench in SW6950 Calypso

We sent him Sherwin Williams paint colors, SW6950 Calypso, SW6980 Gusty Grape, SW6885 Knock Out Orange, a spectacular color!! 🙂

Color: SW6885 Knock Out Orange

We always find awesome products during our travels. The challenge is getting my husband to turn the car around.

Fun fact: the mascot for Swallowtail Flats is a swallowtail butterfly, because it is the state butterfly of Georgia!




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Beechwood Metalworks

Beechwood Metalworks is an All-American company based out of Burlington, North Carolina. They create custom pieces as big as you can imagine!! We have worked with them for multiple projects and they never fail to let our imaginations fly! Hire us today to make your ideas a reality!

If you ever are on the hunt for a stylish, colorful, piece of metal artwork, give us a call!!

Can you tell where this awesome flower is at??

Can you tell where this awesome flower is located??

Frog designed by moi!

Frog designed by moi!

Great design collaboration with Beechwood Metalworks!

Great design collaboration with Beechwood Metalworks!





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Our Made in the USA Faves


Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. I don’t need to convince you of how awesome America is, right? Despite our faults (insert 2016 Presidential Election here) there really is no where else in the world I’d rather be. With all this star spangled fabulousness coming at us, it’s sometimes difficult to weed through and find those truly AMERICAN brands to show off our pride even more. So, I’ve found them for you! Here’s a few of my favorite MADE IN THE USA items, brands & companies. You’re welcome America.

L.L. BEAN BOOTS | There’s nothing that says “Fall in the South” quite like a pair of these!

Pictured below is my pair from 1986 and my daughter Liza’s new pair from 2016. All these years & nothing has changed! The timeless love we have for L.L. Bean is a testament to their quality. It’s amazing how a single pair of boots can span generations! We had so much fun visiting their store in Maine back in 1998. It may just have to come up on our family trip wish list again. So iconic, they even have their very own section on the L.L. Bean website. L.L. Bean is one of the last multi-channel U.S. merchants to still own & operate a U.S. manufacturing facility. I don’t know about you, but that gets my American pride flowing! (Pictured in pink: Lulie’s Sperry Topsiders pair from 2016 – Not part of L.L. Bean’s Made in USA stamp, but the pink is hard to resist!)
















CHRISTIE COOKIES | Voted Best Cookie in the South by Southern Living Magazine

Christie has always been a staple of mine, especially around the holiday season. Why? — There are no ingredients you can’t pronounce, they deliver, and even go one step further to customize your containers for the perfect client gifts. Founded 30 years ago in the heart of Nashville, TN, Christie Cookies are as American (and country) as you can get.























JIFFY STEAMERS | Lasts Forever. Portable. Comes in PINK! Need I say more?

Really, though. Do I need to say more? jiffysteamer_pinkThese steamers are the best of the best. I especially love their portable steamer (in pink).  It’s the perfect travel companion, or even the perfect companion if you’re staying right at home. It’s compact, yet powerful. The easiest way to quickly get those annoying wrinkles out & be on your way. I’m not about wasting time, so this isan absolute must if you don’t have time to mess with wrinkles!



WICKED JACK’S TAVERN | If you like rum & cake, this place is for you!

I found Wicked Jack’s Tavern during my travels in Nashville & it has been the find of a lifetime! Their rum cakes are soaked in the finest Jamaican rum & wickedjackstavern_nashvilletnthen vacuumed
packed to keep that amazing flavor.
The perfect gift for any occasion. I especially love Wicked Jack’s during the
holiday season. I’m always looking for something different. I don’t want my clients to receive a blah fruit cake. This is sure to spice up their gift pile & keep them coming back for more…of your work!

BEECHWOOD METALWORKS | More fun & colorful than the real thing!

I’m a big fan of family-run business & Beechwood Metalworks tops my list! Established in 2002 by the husband & wife team of Casey & Emily Lewis, this dynamic duo does it all. I’ve worked with them on multiple projects, from multifamily to commercial. They are able to take what’s inside my head & make it better than even my imagination! They created these palm trees for the beach at Lakeside Village Apartments. The Georgia climate isn’t the friendliest on real palm trees, so we came up with these as the perfect solution. Check out their gallery & you’ll find additional projects we’ve worked together on!


























BIG WHEELS | Forget that regular ole’ kids playground – Switch it up & go retro!

lakeside-village-retro-ridesAt Lakeside Village Apartments in Columbus, GA we decided to create a play space that stood out from those boring monkey bars. We created a Retro Ride Park featuring the original Big Wheels tricycles. Since 1968, Big Wheel has been creating these iconic tricycles. It’s the perfect way to bring nostalgia and fun to your apartment communities, or really any project with a kids park!








I came across Daniels Wood Land during our search for a playground during construction of our Lakeside Village Apartments project. I knew I wanted to create a special place for the kids in the community to play, but it had to be something extra. We aren’t about settling! You might have seen them featured on Animal Planet’s Redwood Kings. This dynamic duo brings wood to life in ways I didn’t know was possible. Big or small, Daniels Wood Land does it all!

















TRINA TURK | Don’t just blend in – Make a statement!

If you’ve ever met me, or just scrolled through the blog, you know how much I love color! Trina Turk takes color to a new level. I love her swimsuits & swim coverups. They’re the perfect addition to a tropical vacation & the quality is impeccable. Finding such a high quality brand, made in the USA isn’t easy! But, Trina Turk does it right.

















LEE INDUSTRIES | American-made furniture since 1969

I’m always on the lookout for furniture companies that can accommodate my love of bright colors. Lee Industries is my perfect partner in crime! Below is a look at our waiting area for the Woodruff Storage project. Yes, you read that right. This is in a STORAGE building. I told you we don’t do anything inside of the box, even if it is just a storage unit business. This luscious WoodruffStorageCouchyellow couch was exactly what the space needed. Our color palette was orange & turquoise with extra touches of yellow & pink. Because who doesn’t need extra touches of yellow & pink?