It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Alana Mintz!!

I have had the privilege of working with Alana for several years. Since joining the Woodruff Property Management team in 2011 as the Property Manager of Creekside of Auburn, Alana has been a model, indeed an inspiration, in her service to the multifamily industry and our company.

What is most impressive about Alana’s record of accomplishment is that she has only been in the multifamily industry since 2006. In 10 short years, Alana has risen through the ranks in property management. Starting as a leasing manager, Alana has earned her way up to her current position as Area Director, Vice President & Alabama Real Estate Broker for the Woodruff Property Management Company. While title is of course not what makes a person successful, the way in which you earn new positions within a company is.

Alana is one of the most dedicated professionals I know. She handles every situation with grace, poise and maturity that extends far beyond her years. Alana is a true leader. She is organized, strong, determined and understanding. As an area director, Alana oversees over a thousand units, multiple property managers and staff members. She is also a broker, working to sell homes on one of our properties, while maintaining high occupancy levels across her entire portfolio.

If I had to narrow all of this down to one word to describe Alana Mintz, it would be “invaluable”.

Alana is more than an employee to our company and me, she is an irreplaceable asset. Property managers and staff look to her in times of stress or uncertainty. She provides a calm and cool demeanor in any situation, and attacks every challenge with a passion I wish I could clone and have in every single one of our employees.

As a Vice President of the Woodruff Property Management Company, Alana is always discovering innovative ways to increase occupancy levels, reduce delinquency and create a positive and fun work environment for all. I’m not sure when she sleeps, because she is just as dedicated in her home life as she is in her professional one. Alana is always reading, always researching and always eager to do all she can to ensure our company’s success.

Alana’s record of achievement and service to our company and this industry is overwhelming. I give my highest endorsement to Alana.




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